Dear friends,

You have been with me and following my thoughts and writings in the past 10 years. I thank you for this unstinted support.

The contents of this site are but a compilation and contextual interpretations of some of the greatest minds in Mythology, Philosophy, Science and Spirituality. My journey can be summed up as follows:

  • As a knowledge dissemination initiative to provide an ambiance for seeking a higher level of wisdom through incisive and thought-provoking books, which are well researched, as well as through videos and blogs which aim at in depth meaning of topical issues facing humanity to identify the true purpose of life.


“Your intelligence cannot be measured by a number. It is defined by your willingness to learn, solve problems and try new things. You are more than just a number. Develop your skills. Share your brilliant ideas. Your skills are more valuable than your grades.” ……Richard Feynman

“Even the enlightened person remains what he is and is never more than his own limited ego before the One who dwells within him, whose form has no knowable boundaries, who encompasses him on all sides, fathomless as the abysms of the earth and vast as the sky” ……..Carl Jung

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